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Minecraft .MCWORLD files

.Mcworld contains a fully-featured world ready to play in Minecraft.

Minecraft PE 1.18 Minecraft PE 1.19 Latest

What is a MCWORLD?

.Mcworld as any other types of add-on for Minecraft is a file that can be opened by Minecraft application.

Once loaded in Minecraft, the .Mcworld appear as one of worlds created by yourself.

Worlds for Minecraft typically doesn't contain any additional mods. It is just a map plus a variety of items crafted by the author of the .MCWorld.

Why .Mcworlds are fun? Because you don't need any prior knowledge to use them! Simply load .mcworld in Minecraft and enjoy the content made by author. As you wish, complement this content by various mods or shaders to achieve look and features you want.

Exact content of the Minecraft add-ons is controlled by the author of the add-on.

Files has been packaged into an add-on are interpreted by the Minecraft engine. They work the same way as any other features in the Minecraft game itself. They can't make any harm to the user's device or damage user's files, because most of them are not executable on any OS except the Minecraft itself.

A process of creating such add-ons called modding. Likewise modding a car or modding a smartphone, modding makes the game more personalized. For example, there are some add-ons enhancing an in-game graphics or changing how mobs behave in game.

This page is dedicated to add-ons those enable various guns in Minecraft. Minecraft players can enjoy shooting and war games in Minecraft worlds by applying this add-ons in Minecraft and enable them for their worlds.

Get started

Once you downloaded .MCWORLD follow the steps below to obtain this world in the Minecraft and start playing.

  1. First, open the file using the system "Open in..." dialog in the Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  2. Notice the notification appearing on the top of your screen.
  3. Load the appeared world
  4. Well done!



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