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The universe of the modding in Minecraft world

The website is dedicated to Minecraft Add-Ons. We're going to publish the detailed tutorials on creating new Minecraft mods, and also guides about using the mods those created by well-known authors out there.

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Currently we present guides about Guns and Weapons for Minecraft. There are two most popular mods out there.

The most detailed guide is covering the "Actual Guns CSO", while the ActualGuns 3D is covered only in very basic guide. Whether you have any complains trying to get things work, simply try the another mod!

Actual Guns CSO

The most advanced gun mod ever created. It took years to built this diamond.

Actual Guns CSO Preview Picture. In game inventory full of various firearms.

Absolute Guns 2 3D

The gun mod that keep Minecraft aesthetic but really pleasant to play with.

Actual Guns CSO Preview Picture. In game inventory full of various firearms.

ActualGuns 3D

This mod is a predecessor for Actual Guns CSO mod.

Actual Guns 3D Preview Picture. Sniper aims at Minecraft landscape. First person point of view through sniper riffle aim.

Realistic Weapons

Realistic Weapons add-on bring guns into Minecraft that look, work, and sound like the real ones.

Realistic Weapons Preview Picture. Automatic riffle pointing to the Minecraft landscapes.

Recommended: Shaders and Textures

Make your Minecraft so bright and beautiful as never seen before!

Recommended: Furniture mods

Get a wide choice of the furniture for your Minecraft dwelling.

War Vehicles

This add-on adds 18 unique armored Military vehicles into the game, and 2 mounted weapons, which is enough to create the total destruction!

War Vehicles Add-On by ArsenalCraftStudios Preview Image.

Artillery Craft Add-on

This add-on packed with a massive artillery guns to make total destruction in your Minecraft world!

ArtilleryCraft Add-On Preview Picture. Massive artillery weapon shoots over the Minecraft landscape.

XM Guns

This add-on packed with a massive artillery guns to make total destruction in your Minecraft world!

XM Guns Add-On Preview Picture. Minecraft landscape.

Morph Mod

You can reincarnate in any mob in Minecraft and play as him.

Morph Mod that enables morphing into any mob in game and playing as this mob. Preview shows the Morph Menu. The in-game GUI to show options for reincarnation.

Backpacks Mod

Large backpacks for more space in your inventory. Could be turned into bed. Four unique aesthetic designs for your choice.

Minecraft player carrying stylish backpack.

Classic Backpacks

Classic backpacks for all your silly adventures in Minecraft.

Minecraft player with standard skin and the backpack on his back.

How to install Minecraft?

Wondering how to obtain Minecraft?

Read the "Unlock the Secrets of Minecraft: Proven Tips for Building, Crafting, and Exploring" published by the author.

What is a Mod or an Add-on?

An add-on for Minecraft is a special set of files. Typically this set contains two files: a behaviour pack and a resource pack.

Once loaded in Minecraft and applied according to guides and instructions, those files provide various new game features. It is common that such add-ons provide new items, new skins and textures, new mini-games available inside the Minecraft world.

Some add-ons comes bundled into a single file called .mcaddon. Add-ons of these type provide the same features as ones coming in resource pack and behaviour packs separated. It is up to add-on's author how to bundle and distribute his creations.

Exact content of the Minecraft add-ons is controlled by the author of the add-on.

Files has been packaged into an add-on are interpreted by the Minecraft engine. They work the same way as any other features in the Minecraft game itself. They can't make any harm to the user's device or damage user's files, because most of them are not executable on any OS except the Minecraft itself.

A process of creating such add-ons called modding. Likewise modding a car or modding a smartphone, modding makes the game more personalized. For example, there are some add-ons enhancing an in-game graphics or changing how mobs behave in game.

This page is dedicated to add-ons those enable various guns in Minecraft. Minecraft players can enjoy shooting and war games in Minecraft worlds by applying this add-ons in Minecraft and enable them for their worlds.



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