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Top 5 Chrome Extensions You Must Try While Staying Home In 2020

Understanding Extensions

Extensions are certain programs catering to multiple software’s that help in altering and customising one’s browsing experience. They help one to change the settings to Google Chrome as per their personal needs and preferences. Google Chrome is considered as one of the best browsers available as it allows one to download as many extensions as needed for improved performance. Extensions are available of a number of different types that help in making the browser’s life easy. One can easily get access to all these extensions through Chrome’s web store. This makes the browsing experience simpler and more effective.

This article brings to your characteristics and other information related to some of the best extensions offered by Google Chrome that would make your life easy and simple. The list of the same starts as follows.

1. Chrono Download Manager CRX (Alternative)

This is the one and only manager of downloads for Google Chrome. This tool works its wonder by managing your downloads inside the browser tab and does not require a separate application for managing the downloads. It is a full featured solution for all your download needs. Chrome integrates Chrono by settings such as toolbar buttons, menus and shortcuts. Chrono download manager crx is the best tool for downloading bulk images and high-quality videos. This tool is known for the many features it offers; these features include:

  • Tabular system for storing data: For a much effective and efficient management system, Chrono uses tabular data storage ways that keeps the records straight and clear. Organization and viewing of the data become very easy with such a system of storage.
  • Multiple functions: A number of functions such as restart, resume, pause, queue, recycle, search etc. can be done easily with this manager. All these functions help in the management of your downloads very efficiently providing an enhanced and improved experience.
  • Instant notifications: You also get immediately notified if your downloads are completed or are interrupted due to any reason. Desktop notifications and push-up notifications work here. Instant notifications are what you can rely on with Chrono.
  • Customise as you please: Chrono download manager crx allows one to alter and tailor all the settings of the manger as per their needs and preferences. This allows the grouping of all files under multiple heads. These heads can be changed and adjusted as per your convenience for effective performance.
  • Naming masks: This feature determines the name of the file from the URL and classifies the file into the required headers which helps in keeping control of the downloads well. This further ensures effective working of the system.

With all these features comes certain issues that have been faced over time by the users of chrono download manager crx, these issues being:

  • It is unable to download YouTube videos
  • It does not work well in the Incognito mode

At the moment, this extension is not available at the Chrome WebStore. Online Download Manager seems to be the only alternative to it for now.

2. Video Downloader Plus (Chrome)

A lightweight extension, which allows free and easy utility of downloading videos. It grants permission to download any video content from any video host website.

The video downloader plus chrome is being updated on an everyday basis that caters to solve all the previously occurred issues with the extension. This tool works for providing an effective and efficient browsing experience with Google Chrome. This tool also comes in with a set of features that makes it use much efficient. These features include:

  • Smaller size of extension: The size of the extension is considerably small as compared to that of other extensions. This not just keeps the performance under control but keeps the also makes it much improved and easy to use.
  • No advertisements: The tool is made to work on an advanced level that ensures that the process of the download is not interrupted with any advertisements. This feature helps in performing much effectively!
  • Download multiple videos: The working of the video downloader plus chrome is advanced to such a level that it can download multiple videos from multiple tabs at the same time. Downloading a number of videos from all the websites is a big advantage offered by the extension.
  • No limits: There are absolutely no limits on the downloading of the amount and number of videos by this tool.

NOTE: There are minor bugs that keep on displaying with time that can turn up into a little problem for the use of video downloader plus chrome.

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3. Amazing Icon Downloader Chrome Extension

Another outstanding tool is this icon downloader extension. It is as amazing as its name! The amazing icon downloader chrome extension facilitates easy finding and downloading of SVG icons. You can search for the icons and change their names according to your needs. The features of the same are:

  • Available in multiple formats: These icons are available in distinct image formats, PNG and SVG. Both of these formats are versatile and can be used for different purposes.
  • Multiple uses: The Amazing Icon Downloader chrome extension allows the use of the icons in multiple applications such as PowerPoint presentations.
  • Easy to use: This tool is very easy to use and can be operated manually by following proper steps.

This extension does not have any known issues except for the fact that with time, certain bugs are spotted in this extension.

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4. Instagram Downloader Chrome Extension

Eyeing on creative Instagram content for long? Here is another mind-blowing extension tool that helps you download Instagram content without any hassle. The instagram downloader chrome extension, a simple tool that lets you download Instagram videos, photos, IGTVs and even stories.

This tool is considered the best tool to load content from Instagram on your device. Here are some of its features:

  • 100% free: This tool is free of cost and works wonders to download content from Instagram in the same high quality it is seen on the application.
  • Quality standards: The content that is downloaded by this tool caters to appropriate quality standards as that of the content seen on the application. This makes a good deal to not loose quality for the process of downloading.
  • Fast working: The extension works on a fast mechanism that makes the use of the tool much efficient and user-friendly. The concept of using the tool to download content fast and conveniently is a good deal which is hard to resist too.
  • Easy to use: Instagram downloader chrome extension is a user-friendly extension that just needs to easy steps to follow to make the process of the download. All you need to do is to log in to your respective Instagram account and hover on to a post and click to the download button to have the content loaded to your device.

This extension does not really have any issues at the present as it is considered the safest and the best tool to download Instagram content with the same quality standards.

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5. Theme Creator Chrome Extension

In the simplest of words, this is a cool tool that can be understood as a simple theme maker. The theme creator chrome extension is a way to decide as to how your Google Chrome browser would look like. This makes up for the easiest way that lets you alter and tailor the looks of your browser. It paves the way for your creativity and imagination to climb in.

There are a bunch of features this tool offers, which are as follows:

  • Easy to use: This is the one feature that makes this tool really very helpful. A lot of people believe that changing the look of the browser can turn into a “really task” but that really is not the case with this tool by your side.
  • Availability of customisations: You have the entire control over the colours, images, tints and all characteristics of the look of the browser page. You are open to customise the same in whatever way you feel like with the help of the different settings available in theme creator chrome extension.

There are certainly no issues recently spotted for this tool. This extension is creative tool that lets you experiment with colours and images giving you room for making the look of your browser as you please.

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Summing Up!

These are some of the most popular Google Chrome extensions that have been used over time! It is completely fair to credit Google Chrome for all these extensions that make a safe tool box for completing a number of tasks very easily and conveniently. With the mention of some of the top extensions along with their respective features and issues, we hope some of these help you in some way or the other. With a little imagination and a hint of creativity, you can achieve your desired goals in order to make your life simpler with these extensions by Google Chrome by your side.