Extract .CRX Chrome Extension
from the Chrome WebStore.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about .CRX file format and Chrome Extensions

What is .crx file format?

It is a format used by Chrome Web Store for Chrome Extensions.

.crx file format based on .zip file format and adds few fields specifical for Chrome Web Store.

What does .crx file contain?

.crx file contains public key identity and code signature for the extension package. Both are used by Chrome browser to confirm the software author and origin.

Chrome browser allows an installation of extensions only from the official Chrome Web Store.

  1. Magic header
  2. File format version
  3. Public key information and a code signature
  4. Zipped contents of the extension source code

What is the Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extension is a browser plugin for Chrome browser.

Chrome Extensions enhance user experience and add new features to the Google Chrome.

Where can I get Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extensions are distributed from the Chrome Web Store.

Questions about CRX Extractor

What is the CRX Extractor?

CRX Extractor is a free crx unpacker online tool.

What is the main purpose of CRX Extractor?

The main purpose of the CRX Extractor is to extract .crx files to .zip.

What can I do with CRX Extractor?

  1. extract crx to zip
  2. get source code of any Chrome Extension
  3. decompile Chrome Extension

Privacy and legal questions

Is CRX Extractor operating legally?

Absolutely. CRX Extractor show the content of Chrome Extensions that is normally could be extracted without any special software.

We kindly ask to use CRX Extractor for good purpose:

  1. for self-education in the area of creating Chrome Extensions, as an addition to the official documentation
  2. for analysing existing Chrome Extensions to understand how some feature has been implemented, or what exactly one single Chrome Extension does behind the scenes
  3. for cyber crimes prevention and investigating: eliminating fraud or malicious Chrome Extensions on the Chrome Web Store
  4. for other purposes with respect to the rights of another people and organizations

Does CRX Extractor collect information about me?

No. CRX Extractor operates on the browser side and doesn't require any uploads or downloads.

CRX Extractor contain ads and Google Analytics code on the website for purposes of improving user experience

Can I download CRX Extractor or use it on my website?

If you want to integrate CRX Extractor features into your product, please consider using CRX Extractor source code. It is available on the official repository under zero-cost MIT license (that allows commercial and non-commercial use).

You are not allowed to integrate CRX Extractor website as an Iframe or using other techniques. Otherwise we have ability to prevent such inappropriate activity and consider it as XSS attack, legal outcomes may apply.