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Why download chrome extensions? 🙄

Chrome Extensions are great at enhancing capabilities of your favorite browser.

They make you able to do more for less, make everything quicker and safer!

Whether you like to boost your productivity or just entertain yourself, downloading Chrome extensions is a great option. That's why:

  • Chrome Extensions are free most of time
  • no additional software required
  • extensions are “native” to web, that makes them invaluable for automating tasks in web
  • Chrome Extensions are living “inside” Chrome

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3 essential and free Chrome Extensions you must download to make your surfing clever

Chrome WebStore has a list of curated, handpicked extensions selected by an editorial team of Google Chrome WebStore.

Under “Editor's Pick” label you will find an essential extensions, those recommended to download for everyone.

Did you know?..

  1. Dark Reader Chrome Extension iconDark Reader - essential, must download Chrome Extension, that enables “dark mode” or “night shift mode” for every website you navigate.

    If you read web at night or stick to display all the dark part of the day, you must try this extension as an addition to features already included in your operating system.

  2. Honey Chrome Extension iconHoney helps you save when you buy online. Honey makes online-shopping really fun, because you no longer need coupon codes or searching for sales!

    Honey applies known coupon codes automagically during checkout!

    At this moment, Honey is available only in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India. Some big worldwide e-shops (Amazon!) are supported worldwide.

  3. The Great Suspender Chrome Extension iconThe Great Suspender. Your browser became lagy and memory hungry? One of opened tabs (and you don't know which one exactly!) makes your laptop lift and emit steam, grilling your work table?

    It's time for The Great Suspender. He cools down your device by freezing unused tabs. It is simply the seamless cleaner for your Chrome. Just click “Suspend all other tabs” and your browser will instantly stop any scripts ran by tabs you don't use.

    No, he won't close them, just “pause” them and free up memory space.

The complete Editor's pick (well, it has a few dozen of extensions) could be always obtained by the link to the editor's pick collection.

Downloader Chrome Extensions

There are a number of extensions staying separate from mainstream.

“Downloader” type Chrome extensions gives you enormous power over content you see and consume in the modern web. Downloaders enable saving videos from Instagram and another streaming websites, listening and saving as .mp3 soundtracks and music from Spotify and Deezer.

CRXExtractor tried a bundle of such type of extensions and likely to share the following ones.

👮‍PRECAUTION: downloading media content from streaming sites may be considered a piracy in your country! Never redistribute such content and use it solely for your personal purpose.

CRX Extractor recommends recommends

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Video Downloader, Music Downloader and Instagram Downloader

  1. Video Downloader Plus iconVideo Downloader Plus - is NOT a Youtube Downloader.

    Yet it is a powerful tool for downloading videos from thousands of websites in just a click.

    MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG formats supported out of the box. Video Downloader Plus automatically detects videos on page and give you pretty blue button in the toolbar to save them all: as a bulk or one by one. Download multiple videos in parallel and even skip parts.

  2. Spotify™ & Deezer™ Music Downloader iconSpotify™ & Deezer™ Music Downloader - download this extension and save your favorite tracks locally on PC.

    Want to listen your favorite tracks offline? What about having this option in Chrome by default? This pick does it perfectly!

    The ultimate Chrome Extension “downloader” adds to your browser the missed music player feature. Save tracks from Spotify and Deezer and play 🎶 them in background right here, in browser tab!

  3. Downloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message iconDownloader for Instagram™ + Direct Message - photo, video and stories downloader for Instagram.

    This “downloader” is a feature-rich tool for performing set of tasks on Instagram web pages. Get extension and easily download photos, videos, stories, live streams and direct messages.

    As a topping, it enables you to upload photos into Instargram account directly from your browser window.


With the help of Chrome Extensions you can turn your browser into the powerful machine for doing almost everything. Extensions helps you build flexible environment for your reading and learning, organizing online stuff, entertaining yourself, working with web content and so on.

Having a wide range of tools for your needs available freely or for a dime is a great opportunity itself. Wherever you can launch Chrome, you have all this handy stuff near you.


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