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Realistic Weapons

Add-on for the official Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE 1.18 Minecraft PE 1.19 Latest

Realistic Weapons add-on bring guns into Minecraft that look, work, and sound like the real ones. All guns must be reloaded with magazines filled with the right ammo caliber.

The rate of fire and lethality also depends on the specific weapon you're using. The looks and the sounds of the firearms are good enough to make them recognizable


  • EnderghostScale

What is a Mod or an Add-on?

An add-on for Minecraft is a special set of files. Typically this set contains two files: a behaviour pack and a resource pack.

Once loaded in Minecraft and applied according to guides and instructions, those files provide various new game features. It is common that such add-ons provide new items, new skins and textures, new mini-games available inside the Minecraft world.

Some add-ons comes bundled into a single file called .mcaddon. Add-ons of these type provide the same features as ones coming in resource pack and behaviour packs separated. It is up to add-on's author how to bundle and distribute his creations.

Exact content of the Minecraft add-ons is controlled by the author of the add-on.

Files has been packaged into an add-on are interpreted by the Minecraft engine. They work the same way as any other features in the Minecraft game itself. They can't make any harm to the user's device or damage user's files, because most of them are not executable on any OS except the Minecraft itself.

A process of creating such add-ons called modding. Likewise modding a car or modding a smartphone, modding makes the game more personalized. For example, there are some add-ons enhancing an in-game graphics or changing how mobs behave in game.

This page is dedicated to add-ons those enable various guns in Minecraft. Minecraft players can enjoy shooting and war games in Minecraft worlds by applying this add-ons in Minecraft and enable them for their worlds.

Get started

Follow the steps below to get this add-on working in the Minecraft.

  1. First, open every file using the system "Open in..." dialog in the Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  2. Next, create a new world. Please notice that all experimental gameplay features should be enabled.
  3. Choose behaviour packs and resource pack installed from the pane on the left side.
  4. Start the newly created world.
  5. You have to open a console in the game to type-in various commands to enable add-on items and get them in game.

Follow the detailed guide below to enable guns and other items from the add-on.

Quick notes

Note: This addon requires experimental gameplay features, so make sure to turn on "Additional Modding" and "Holiday Creator features" in your world settings before playing the Add-on.

How to craft weapons?

First, type-in into console the command below. This command will activate an add-on:

/function guns

Every gun needs to be reloaded with a specific type of ammunition. It tells you what type exactly is needed when you're trying to shoot with an empty magazine. Empty magazines can be loaded with rounds using Ammo Table.

To reload the gun with a filled magazine, put it into a crafting table, and put a corresponding magazine beneath it.

For example, to obtain a magazine of ammo for AR /give @s addon:ar_magazine_20

You can simply start typing and all required commands will appear in a suggestion.

That's all we know about this add-on!



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